Leopard shoe bags
Leopard shoe bags
Leopard shoe bags

Leopard shoe bags

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The original Sibona Leopard design! The classic brown version that due to popular demand we keep bringing back! A fun favourite for all ages that always seems to be in fashion!  The Petit Linge bag features a bodice and knickers with leopard print design and unusual floral detail. The Chaussures bag has an elegant leopard print court shoe with a flower at the toe. The beautiful detail has been achieved through highly skilled hand embroidery.
Both luxurious and practical, this makes a perfect present.
100% pure cotton
Cotton drawstring with cotton tabs
Hand embroidered with varied stitches
Sibona exclusive original design by Jacqui McLennan
100% cotton embroidery thread
SIZE: 30x40cm
CARE: Machine wash at 40 degrees